Podcast: Issue 33

Editor Guy Andrews and Managing Editor Ian Cleverly join Jack Thurston to discuss the new issue of Rouleur magazine. They talk about the Tour of Bavaria, which pits top riders against lesser known pros with the scenic backdrop of southern Germany, compare and contrast Italian wheel rim specialists Ambrosio with American framebuilders Independent Fabrication. They also discuss Eileen Sheridan, one of the greatest cyclists Britain has ever produced and listen to Paul Fournel reading from his new book, published by Rouleur.

Listen on the link below, download the MP3, or subscribe to the podcast in iTunes.

The Rouleur podcast is brought to you by Mosquito Bikes, London’s custom made bicycle specialists. Mosquito Bikes is proud of its six year association with Independent Fabrication, whose range of beautifully designed frames with flawless welds, perfectly finished in rich colours, has found favour with the discerning Mosquito customer from the very start. The New England-based company will build exactly the bike you seek, whether it be steel, titanium or carbon. In the words of Indy Fab, ‘we build almost everything out of almost anything’. It’s a process that’s steeped in tradition and driven by innovation not bound by convention. See the range in the flesh at 123 Essex Road, London N1 2SN or on the screen at mosquito-bikes.co.uk.

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