Vintage Bordeaux

Stage 18 Salies-de-Béarn – Bordeaux
Bordeaux has long been a favourite of the sprinters and today should be no different. Velodrome stage finishes were commonplace in the Tour until 1975 when Barry Hoban won the last track finish ever in Bordeaux. It would be 33 years until a Briton would again win a sprint stage: Mark Cavendish in Chateauroux.

The 1955 Bordeaux stage also finished in the velodrome, with a surreal game of bicycle polo in the track centre, motorcycle gendarmes pulling stunts on the banking and, finally, the peloton arriving in this cine camera footage.


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  1. EHVFXD Says:

    Bike Polo at Tour De France?…

    via Rouleur Magazine……

  2. EHVFXD | Bike Polo at Tour De France? Says:

    […] via Rouleur Magazine […]

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